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Crappie University


The crappie is considered America’s favorite panfish and is found in abundant numbers throughout most of the country. As a general rule, most anglers fish for crappie only around spring time when the fish move shallow and near the banks to spawn. However, avid fishermen pursue the crappie year-round, knowing the seasonal patterns of when, where and how to catch them at all times. The sharing of that knowledge with others is why Crappie University was founded.

Gary White, the founder of Bass Fishing Techniques and Bassmaster University almost 30 years ago, established Crappie University in 2015 to educate anglers across the country about crappie fishing.

The course is offered early in the year to ready you for not only the spring spawning season when crappie are plentiful, but also for the other seasons as well. This 8-hour course is held as part of continuing education programs with universities and colleges across the country, consisting of four 2-hour night classes and covering a broad range of topics. The enrollment fee covers all course materials, including samples of crappie lures and jigheads.

All sessions are taught by knowledgeable crappie experts and the curriculum is packed full of crappie fishing information relevant to each school’s geographic location. With several crappie fishing tournament trails crossing the country now, new and unique ways to catch the species under a variety of conditions are constantly being found and refined.

Each Crappie University instructor has a technique he relies on most for any given situation. Therefore, instruction covers every popular technique common today, from spider rigging and long lining, to dock shooting, to pushing crankbaits, as well as some specialty techniques little known by others, You will leave this course having learned from the best of the best.

While we try to hold Crappie University at many locations across the country each year, they aren’t necessarily held on an annual basis at any one city, state or school. That means you should take advantage of any class at this time that is currently scheduled with a venue near your home. You can find the current schedule here.

Seating is often limited by classroom size and we do have a history of sold-out venues, so it is to your advantage to enroll early in order to ensure your participation.

Thank you for your interest in Crappie University, we hope to see you in school.